Friday, October 6, 2017

Five on Friday

When you miss work on Monday NOT to go to the spa with your mother-in-law as planned but to stay home and clean up puking kids, the week sure goes by fast when you're back at work... {grin} [Sidebar: I am so furious at the Lake Austin Spa right now. Brent has bought Mother's Day spa packages for my MIL and myself 3 years in a row, and because we didn't call with 24 hours notice to reschedule our spa treatments they are saying this uses up our gift cards. Seriously? I didn't have 24 hours notice that Drew was going to be barfing. So angry, and I keep calling up there to talk to different people, but so far, no dice.] Let's have a little Five on Friday today!

Miracle Mist

I can't believe I've never blogged about Miracle Mist before. I use it for SO many things - diaper rash, breastfeeding issues {chapped, damaged nipples, thrush}, cuts, etc. The homeopath I love so much recommended it when Drew and I had thrush, and I just love it so much. I recommend it for all mothers and especially new mothers for those rough first few weeks of breastfeeding.

Greenlife pans

I mentioned a while back I wanted new cookware. I would love to have Le Creuset everything, but that isn't in the budget. I found these Greenlife pans that are affordable {the set below is $100 on Amazon!} and pretty good quality. Do I think they'll last a long time? Not necessarily. But they're a great option for now.

Going gluten free

Ugh. Our family doctor wants Trent and me to go gluten-free. For Trent, it's to see if it helps him on his continued MTHFR journey. For me, it's because I'm having some inflammation issues which are likely food-related. At home, this isn't hard. It's everywhere else I'm struggling. Trent's class cooks a lot and does a lot of pot lucks - it's impossible to monitor those! And eating out and grandparent treats...ugh. Anyone done this successfully and have any tips?

Mole removal

One day this spring my sister made a comment about a mole on my back and thinking it needed to get checked out. I finally scheduled an appointment in early August with a dermatologist to get checked out. I haven't done this since Trent was a baby! The dermatologist took 5 moles off and 1 of them came back 'moderately abnormal' - the one my sister saw, so I had to go back in to have more tissue removed. I now have a lovely 2" scar on my back. But I'm thankful my sister got onto me about this because our mother had melanoma when we were kids, and we have a friend from high school with a crazy foot-long scar wrapping around his head from recently removing melanoma. SO GET YOUR MOLES CHECKED!


I need to do a whole separate post about my weight loss journey with Paige since it has been such a different experience than with Trent and Drew. The short story is the weight isn't coming off easily AT ALL. So 9 months post-partum I still have so far to go. And I was tired of thinking I didn't need new clothes because I wasn't going to be this size that long. Well, yes, I am. I desperately needed some new jeans since that is a huge part of my wardrobe. My bestie, Kristen, told me about finding some 'pull-on jeans' as she calls them and how amazing they were, so I went on a hunt for them and found some great options at Old Navy with their Rockstar jeggings. I got 2 pairs - one normal denim and one black - and will probably go back for more as they have TONS of colors. THEN, my friend, Lauren, who owns Southern Peach Clothing, was telling me about Moto jeggings that they are carrying now. And I think I need a pair. How cute are these olive ones?

Anything fun worth sharing??


Anonymous said...

Those pull up jeans sound awesome!!!! And comfy(er). Am going to have to check them out. - AP

katie@tulsadetails said...

Those olive ones are awesome!

Emily said...

Def bookmarking miracle mist for future breastfeeding!

Kathryn Bagley said...

yes the green jeggings are supoer cute! might need to check them out. Does the spa place have your gift card number? I think that's crap and sickness (of kids especially) should be a valid excuse!