Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Grow Baby Big Boy Grow - 4 Years!

Our firstborn is 4! We had his well check with Drew's (p.s. - I updated her stats here. Spoiler alert - she has gotten tiny!), and I'm so glad Brent wanted to come along because I forgot this appointment included a hearing and vision screening which took a little time to administer. No shots for either kid, so that was nice!

Height: 40" (25-50%)
Weight: 34 lbs. (25-50%)
BMI: 15.1 (25-50%)

What he's up to:
*T is still ALL boy {mostly}. He constantly wants to 'battle'. B does a great job of talking with him about not fighting though! He wants to watch all superhero shows (Batman, Spiderman, TMNTs, Transformers) and doesn't understand that he's not old enough.

Our teenage mutant ninja turtle

*He is starting to be sweet to his sister. I wondered if he would ever really get interested in her, and I think it's beginning to happen. She LOVES him and laughs so hard for him. Makes my heart explode.
*Tantrums are getting fewer and further between. Of course, when they happen they are still lovely.
*Does ask occasionally for something 'girlie'. We've I've painted his fingernails and toenails. (B did NOT like this, and he's 99% of the time okay with T experimenting a little.)

Wanted pigtails like Blair {Blackmail photo?}

*Can work my phone to get to his games and Netflix. This blows my mind.
*His vocabulary is still off-the-charts. We get comments all the time.
*Has an incredible imagination.
*We are taking a break from all therapy for awhile, and when we start again will most likely just focus on speech. His tongue thrust and lisp are still pretty bad.

Evidence that the tantrums aren't all gone!

*Loves his teacher and school. This has been HUGE in the past 6 months. We will be so sad to leave Ms. Misty at the end of summer.
*Loves to read books. I love this!
*Naps are hit or miss, but he has stopped fighting us (somewhat). Bedtime is about 8:00 or so, but he usually plays in his room for an hour or more. We no longer lock his door! And CPS never found out. {grin}
*Is 100% potty trained! We stopped diapers at naps and bedtime. He just said one day he didn't need them anymore, and we've literally had 1 accident. {Of course B had put the waterproof mattress pad on upside down so T was soaked from head to toe!}

2-3 1/2 was a tough time for us. Especially the period after we took away night-night. Brent and I both commented at different times that we truly wondered if we were raising a psychopath. I can say that with a smile now, but those were very trying times. {Of course as I type this, T is having a fit and I'm ignoring him. Ha!} The past 6 months have been SO much better, and we can really see him growing into a boy who is so sweet and loving and SO spunky. He keeps us majorly on our toes and is just amazing.

To answer my guessing game: Trent was disguising himself to look like Batman. He even colored 'little Trent'. Tee hee hee. All while he was supposed to be napping. So he then fell asleep in the 6 minute drive to my parents' house. See? Keeps us on our toes!