Monday, April 19, 2010

Today's Story is Brought to You by the Number 5

Trent has, on 3 separate occasions, gone 5 nights in a row without needing me to come into his room at night. We can't ever seem to get past the 5 night stretch. Last night was night 6 on our 3rd stretch. I had such high hopes but was trying to to not get too excited. Our record of 5 nights remainds in tact. :( Not sure what it is about that 6th night, but I am SO looking forward to breaking this record. He's so cute in the night though, so it's impossible to get upset. And I'll take a quick nursing session over the 2 hour crying fits we had a few weeks ago. I'm just SO curious about what disturbs him! Last night he was standing up in his crib just crying. As soon as I picked him up and cuddled him a bit, he calmed down. I think he forgot he knows how to sit back down - ha!