Monday, April 12, 2010

Stream of Consciousness - Trent Edition

Trent slept for THREE HOURS at school today! He had a rough first week sleeping there, so I was extremely happy to get the report today. Overall, I think he really likes it which relieves my guilt a little bit. I'm still working on is extremely difficult not being with him during the day, not sure I'll ever really adjust. We got his new carseat today - a BIG convertible one. I'm amazed he's big enough and old enough for this car seat. He could technically ride in this up to 49 inches and 65 pounds. Whoa. It looks extremely comfy, so I hope he loves it - since he'll be stuck with it for years (literally) to come. Will definitely post pictures of his first ride. As if I don't post pictures of practically his every breath!


Erin said...

'as if i don't post pictures of practically his every breath'

that made me laugh! i would do just the same! you're going to look back and be so thankful you did though! our parents weren't as lucky as we are now.. digital cameras are the shiz!