Monday, March 29, 2010

Heath and Heather

Brent's cousin, Heather, got married this weekend in Lake Jackson. We loaded up the car (and I do mean loaded) Friday to head down there. It's amazing what adding 1 person to your family does to packing for a road trip! We had a great weekend seeing family. We stayed with the bride's brother, Philip, and his wife, Kristi, and just had the best time.
Our family (Target dress - $12.50 - {grin})
Cutie Patootie
I love taking pics of the decorations (I am a major wedding junkie)
The reception was on the water = GORGEOUS!
Gorgeous bride
More decorations
Yes, we are the parents who let our child crawl around the dirty reception floor (if he's happy, we're happy)
The weather in LJ made Trent's curls pop up!
Happy with Papa
This picture kills me. The Gurley men were showing us how they don't squint when taking pictures.
4 Generations

We had such a great weekend. Trent was SO worn out he slept for almost 2 1/2 hours on the way home. Unfortunately, Sunday is always my driving day, so Daddy got to reap those rewards and sleep too. BOO.
Just as an update, Trent did cry both Friday and Saturday nights (10:00 PM and 3:00 AM respectivel) but didn't cry last night. I think he was still too tired. I'm really glad we're going to the doctor on Wednesday for his 9 mo well-check. Hopefully the doc will have some advice!


Erin said...

pictures of trent smiling always melt my heart. he is just the cutest little thing =)

ps- missed you guys this weekend at rhonda's birthday dinner! i'll have to contact you soon to see if we can arrange some sort of get together.

plauschinat said...

Beautiful wedding! And I am loving that Target dress!!