Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome Home!

Schuyler is on his break from his tour in Afghanistan. We are SO happy to have him home! He left when Trent was 9 days old, so this was their first meeting. Unfortunately, it was combined with the beginning of Trent's cold, so he wasn't the happiest of babies. We've been waiting to baptize Trent for Schuyler to be home, since he and Kristen will be his godparents, so I can't wait for this weekend. Kristen and I both cry anytime we talk about it. {grin}

How cute! Auntie K Dub, Uncle Sky and our little prince

Here's the update on Trent's cold: I took Trent to the doctor on Monday, since I wanted to make sure he didn't have RSV. (RSV is just a respiratory virus but like a really, really bad cold and can be extremely serious in premies and babies under 6 months old. It takes a long time to recover from and makes for unhappy babies.) He just has a bad cold and fluid on his ears, so our doctor prescribed ear drops to hopefully keep Trent from getting an ear infection. His parents are the King and Queen of ear infections, so we'll see... She had to clean out a big glob of wax (TMI?) too, so I can envision his toddler years being tons o' fun.


Erin said...

Keeping Trent in my thoughts and prayers! And I'm so excited for you to have them both there for his baptism. Also, in picture #1..Kristen's profile looks a lot like Erin Ellis..but with brown hair of course..just me?

A Real Housewife said...

Emmett!!! ;) I'm hoping Trent is feeling better soon. Poor guy.

I don't see it, Erin, but I also think I'm completely awkward and strange looking!!