Friday, February 5, 2010

Grow Baby Grow - 7 Months

It's the 'funny faces' edition. He looks so cute in these pics! {Of course when does he not look precious!}

At 7 months, you are:
  • Eating stage 1 baby food 1-2 times a day (You like squash, applesauce, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears. You tolerate peaches and do not like green beans.)
  • Sleeping on your stomach almost every time you go down. You are a pretty good sleeper (sometimes the days are just too exciting for you to take more than 30 minute naps) and have even gone 4 nights IN A ROW without needing me to come in your room.
  • wanting to crawl SO BAD but can't quite figure it out.
  • sitting up and playing without any assistance.
  • loving peek-a-boo and giggle constantly.


Erin said...

what a sweet little guy!