Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We're Home!

We made it home from San Francisco. Brent was happy to see us, and Trent was so happy to see his daddy. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!

Trent with all my money in Chinatown (I think he wants to spend it all on his elephant - ha)
Me and Mom enjoying some port at a winery
Trent wasn't impressed
Not really 'trip related' but Trent ate his toes for the first time - seriously how cute is he?!
Dad is so happy to see his boy (even if he doesn't look like it in this picture)


A Real Housewife said...

Oh my gosh they look so much alike!!

Kelly said...

Saw my mom today and she told me she saw you on the way home on the plane! She said, "I just love Allena...she is like one of my own!" HAHA! She said you looked great and happy! Cheers!!