Saturday, November 7, 2009

Poor Waiter

Now that I'm feeling SO much better, I decided there were a few people who needed a big 'thank you' from me. My mom, FMIL*, sister, Kristen and Dena all took such amazing care of me while in the thick of my postpartum anxiety. Each of them went above and beyond to help me through this tough time. I don't think I could ever thank them enough, and I could spend hours listing all the things they did for me.

*FMIL = my Fabulous Mother-in-Law Janet

Mom, thank you for taking care of me (and making me take care of myself). Thank you for cleaning my messy pantry (and not judging me for being messy). Thank you for helping me make my first steps out into the world again.

Janet, thank you for coming over almost every day for weeks and helping me look forward to each day again. Thank you for holding me when I cried and doing everything you could to keep me from crying.

Patty, thank you for giving me the courage to take medication. Thank you for giving me endless advice and not caring when I asked the same question many, many times. Thank you for forcing me to drink and try to take naps!

Kristen, thank you for holding Trent for hours. You knew I didn't want him to be put down but couldn't hold him endlessly myself. {grin} Thank you for listening to me endlessly - especially when you are going through your husband's 2nd Tour of Duty and have PLENTY to be worry about yourself.

Dena, thank you for coming over every Thursday to visit, helping me with the Moby, giving me so much of your stuff, and not caring (too) much that I missed your birthday party. Thank you for encouraging me to call Dr. Maynard and listening to me repeat EVERYTHING he told me in my sessions.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU for loving me and my son!!! the point of this post...ha! I took these girls to dinner tonight to begin to say thank you, and we had a lovely time at Z Tejas. But I felt sorry for our waiter. Each time he came to our table, we were discussing the most inappropriate topics. He heard the following phrases at least once:
  • Episiotomy
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • 'Get the juices flowing'
  • What contractions feel like
  • 'Mama, I'm pooping!'
  • Fallen bladder
  • Boob jobs
  • Phases of labor
  • Raunchy romance novels
This is not a comprehensive list, but are you jealous you weren't at dinner with us?!?!


Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Im really glad youre coming out on the other side of all this. I know its been a long road but heres to you feeling better and better everyday.