Monday, December 4, 2023

Thanksgiving Fun

We had a great disconnect for Thanksgiving! The kids were off of school all week, and I took the week off to enjoy the time with them.

I actually also took off the Friday before Thanksgiving week to go to A Christmas Affair - a big shopping bazaar hosted by The Junior League. It's become a tradition for me, Kristen, and Susannah to go. I don't necessarily buy a lot of gifts, but it's always a fun time!

We also had a plank challenge at the gym. I didn't go crazy with it like I did a few years ago, but we definitely had fun!

Body Pump planking!

Time with friends is the best!

We also did our Christmas decorating. Trent didn't participate, but I had a blast with the girls.

We had a good couple of Thanksgiving celebrations. We spent Thanksgiving Day with Brent's family and the Saturday after with my family. I made a chocolate pie and a pumpkin roll for both parties. The girls love to bake, so we had a lot of fun baking.

The pies before the homemade whipped cream topping!

My Thanksgiving morning 'huff and puff before you stuff' workout

The girls slept in our room, I had a good laugh to see Paige like this on her pallet.

I didn't take any pictures of people at Brent's parents' house, but I did take pictures of all the desserts!

My finished pie, the pumpkin roll, and a dessert charcuterie!

Friday we were largely bums, but we had 1 fun activity - Brent bought a cold plunge, and we all tried it out, ha. The kids were so funny!

Helping make whipped cream for Saturday's pie

We went to my cousin's house about an hour away and had a great showing from my mom's side of the family!

First cousins and spouses {10/12 cousins made it!}

The Swopes


The current youngest baby, Nolan. 
Patty's baby will take over for a few months,
and another one of my cousins is having a baby in May!

Love my mama!

Happy 72nd birthday to my dad!

And happy 45th to my beautiful sister!

And that's a wrap on Thanksgiving week! We were all exhausted on Sunday, ha. And the countdown to Christmas is on!!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

What a fun time with family! I love love homemade whipped cream-its so good!