Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Easter Fun

We had a fun and busy Easter weekend. It's crazy that these are our last days off school before the year is OVER! We have less than 6 weeks left, so wild! Our kids had Friday and Monday off, and we packed in a lot of fun.

Friday, the girls had another horseback riding lesson. They are loving it, and I love that we found a place nearby that is so great. I still can't believe Paige is enjoying this because she is afraid of most animals, ha.

Drew on Phoebe and Paige on Athena

I had a busier day than I thought I would for work, but the kids did a great job staying busy.

Paige created this little set-up for herself, which cracked me up.

Brent's parents asked the kids to spend the night Friday night, which was a big yes from everyone! Brent also spent the night with his uncle, so I had the house all to myself!! So what did I do with myself?! A pedicure {yay!}...more work {boo!}...and our taxes {double boo!}, ha!

Very nice treat!

My companion while I worked on our taxes {grin}

Saturday, we spent the whole day at my parents' house with my mom's side of the family. My parents' house is not very big, so 40 people crammed into a small space can be a little tough, but I loved seeing everyone, and we stayed until 10:00 PM!

I really can't with her. She's just too darn cute.

Always with the bunny ears, ha

Getting ready to hunt!

8/12 cousins, so happy to see my cousins!

Got my baby fix with my cousin's son, Maddox - he is so sweet!

Harper makes Paige look so big!

The original Swope 4 has grown quite a lot!

It's a good party if the girls fall asleep on the way home!

Easter morning goodies for the kiddos!

We had a great church service, the church was overflowing and I was moved several times by the singing and spirit in the church!

After church bluebonnet pictures! 
Probably the last time...they are starting to fade, so sad.

We had a great lunch with Brent's family including champagne and a pinata!

Happy Easter!

Nana and Papa with 5/6 grands

Did I mention champagne? {grin}

The kids ended up spending the night again with the Gurleys, so when Brent and I went home we watched TV {Brent} and read {me} and had a great evening!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Looks like a fun Easter! I love yall do all the family things :)