Wednesday, January 19, 2022

2021 Book Breakdown

Every month, my favorite posts are ones that talk about books, so it shouldn't be a surprise that this is one I am so excited to write! I can't wait to breakdown all my stats for 2021 - it's everything about books, y'all!!

For 2021, I read 124 books! My highest number of books ever in a year! Yay! Let's breakdown some stats about those 124 books, shall we?

Total Book Goal: 100
Total Books Read: 124

Physical books: 15 {12%}
eBooks: 103 {83%}
Audio: 6 {5%}

Fiction: 96 {77%}
Non-fiction: 28 {23%}

Female author: 106 {85%}
Male author: 17 {14%}
Transgender author: 1 {1%}

White author: 81 {65%}
POC author:  43 {35%}

Genres [I choose these myself and can give a book more than 1 so this won't add up to 124 for anyone checking my math and honestly some I didn't give anything past 'fiction' if I couldn't pin it down]:
  • Chick-lit: 21
  • Romance: 35
  • Classic/Children's classic: 1
  • Biography/Memoir: 15
  • Culture/Gender/Sexuality: 3
  • YA: 6
  • Fantasy/Sci-fi: 12
  • Thriller/Mystery: 8
  • Historical fiction: 15
  • WW1/WW2 {subset of historical fiction}: 5
  • Race/Antiracism: 16
  • Educational: 4

Something new I did this year was a Book Bracket. I picked my favorite book of the month and then compared them. Shouldn't surprise anyone that I did something like this, ha.

Winner for the year!

I knew as soon as I read this one it would be tough to top and it held up through the whole year. I LOVED this book!

You can see my other monthly faves in the image above. I really liked doing the bracket and am going to do it again! 

And that's my reading for 2021!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

What's your goal for 2022?? I like the bracket thing!

Emily said...

I love this book bracket. I would struggle with this because I read so much nonfiction so how would I pit a parenting book against a fiction? Apples and oranges. Also I finally have The Good Sister in my possession from the library but I have two other books due back first so maybe I'll get to it by end of February.