Monday, November 15, 2021

Movie Review: Eternals

OH MY GOSH. I am so excited - it is starting to feel like movies are coming back, and there are so many upcoming movies Allison and I want to see, I am hoping we can squeeze in a handful before the end of the year. SQUEEEEE! 

With that said, yesterday, we went and watched Eternals. Neither of us are huge Marvel fans {or DC or whatever} - we just like good/entertaining movies. And the trailer for this peaked my interest, and we were both wanting to see ANYTHING so badly, we decided to go for it.

Plot: The saga of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on earth and shaped its history and civilizations. [This is the weirdest plot summary, I do not feel like this is AT ALL how I would describe this movie, ha.]

Review: This was a lot of fun...but also really nuts. At one point, I thought 'Whoever came up with this plotline was high and drunk.' Allison and I both enjoyed it and definitely agreed we would see a sequel {which it's clearly set-up for and a no brainer for Marvel}. The acting was solid, as was the action. There were plot twists, I cared about the characters, just overall good. One thing we also both thought was you don't need to be knowledgeable about Marvel. I noticed one joke related to other Marvel films, so if this intrigues you too but you were worried about that, don't be! This was a good one to break out drought with, and I'm excited for more!


Kathryn Bagley said...

This is on my list to see! I took my aunt to see Clifford and it was really cute!

Emily said...

LOL "high and drunk". I saw a commercial for this and couldn't help but roll my eyes; how many comic book movies can be made? The limit does not exist. On a totally separate note, I FINALLY saw Cruella on the flight back from Florida last week... and then the plane landed with 8 minutes left and I STILL have not finished the movie. It's only 8 minutes but I keep forgetting about it. I really liked it! Emma Stone and Emma Thompsom are both amazing, as always.