Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Currently: The Dog Days of Summer

Current Book

Current Song

AJR 'Way Less Sad' - I really like AJR!

Current TV Show

Brent's cousin told me about this...and I'm really curious! Anyone else watched it?

Current Podcast/Audiobook

Really enjoying the Sharon Says So podcast - she is so fun and I learn so much.
I am 75% through with An Echo in the Bone - these take FOREVER, ha.

Current Drink

I am really working on increasing my water intake, sigh.
I know it's important but certainly isn't fun!

Current Food

Brent made chicken fried steak this weekend,
and I've been snacking on the leftovers, YUM!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I don't often buy books and really don't like to buy from Amazon.
But I love having Lisa Kleypas books on my Kindle, 
so I gave into temptation and bought this yesterday!

Current Outfit

A matching set! 
I have finally decided that even though I don't like my legs,
I'm tired of hiding them all the time. They work and they are strong!
[If you can't tell, I'm wearing shorts ha]

Current Celebrity Crush

Not a traditional celebrity, but our neighbor's baby is a fan favorite in our house!
We prayed hard for this little boy and can't get enough of him. {grin}

Current Mood

Work is super busy right now, so I'm feeling a little stressed.
Nothing unmanageable, but there is a lot to do, so it's consuming a lot of brain space!

Current Anticipation

I am taking a full week off work next week!
I haven't done that besides getting married and having babies.

Current Wishlist

We really need new bedding but Brent doesn't like the quilt that is my favorite, sigh.
My birthday is coming up, and I've had my eye on a leather band for my Apple watch!

Current Movie

Trent wants to go see this. I'll be honest that I'm not super thrilled about it.
BUT if my boy wants to do something with me, I am going to make it happen!

Current Picture

Look at my girls!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Not a fan of the snakes! ha! So excited about your week off! I'm going to New Orleans with some friends this weekend which will be a nice little break from my aunt :)

Emily said...

My running buddy recommended SexLife so one night when I had I had insomnia, I watched an episode (or two, don’t remember) and I didn’t love it. It was the typical old lame “I have everything I could wish for but I still dream about my stupid ex” and mehhh. I love The Rock and love Emily Blunt but Jungle Cruise looks terrible so good luck!