Friday, March 5, 2021

My Workouts

For the longest time I considered myself an athlete. I ran varsity track in high school, continued running and exercising all throughout college, joined a gym and maintained healthy habits in the early years of our marriage. Then I became a mom and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to be a mom, wife, employee, AND exercise. I didn't recognize myself for a long time - I was out of shape, heavier than I'd ever been, never worked out. 

I tried joining a Gold's Gym Express but missed the group exercise classes and never went. I couldn't motivate myself to do much at home. I joined Orange Theory but found it too repetitive. Then 2 1/2 years ago I discovered Amped Up where I go now and haven't looked back. I am the most active I've been in my adult life and, while I still have some weight I'd like to lose, am super happy with where I am. 

I thought it would be fun to talk about what I do for exercise these days!
  • Jazzercise - This used to be all Amped Up offered and is what got me moving again. I did Jazzercise with my mom when I was in college, so I was familiar with the format, and group exercise is definitely my jam. It's choreographed cardio with weight training and SO MUCH FUN. I love that I just have to show up and the awesome instructors have so much energy that you can't help but work hard and have fun.
Getting my 150 class tank on December 31 in 2019!
  • Running/Walking - I love taking walks with my wonderful neighbors/ second wives, but I decided to get back into running at the start of the COVID quarantine a year ago. Running used to be my main form of exercise and I hadn't run consistently since getting pregnant with Trent. Fun fact - I ran a Turkey Trot the Thanksgiving I was pregnant with him {5 miles} and HURT for days after. That was the last time I ran for YEARS. Ha! Now I'm running about once a week for 3-5 miles at just over a 10:00 minute/mile pace. Very proud of myself for getting back into this and keeping it up! My last run was Sunday - I went 4 miles at an average of 10:12/mile.
Kelly and me running in HS and in a virtual 5K over the summer
  • Body Pump - I can't leave off WHAT I'M CERTIFIED IN!!! I used to do Body Pump all the time pre-kids and love it so much. I love that it is a full body weight workout but you also get your heart pumping. It is such a good workout.
Messing around with 2 other instructors
  • Pop Pilates/Body Flow - In the last year I've also started adding in some pilates and yoga. I love that I have seen my flexibility and strength increase through these workouts as well...although the part of me that wants credit for my workouts doesn't like that these don't burn as many calories haha.
  • Body Combat - Another class more recently offered at the studio is Body Combat which is cardio kickboxing. It's fun and a killer workout, but I still lean towards Jazzercise the most because that is the MOST FUN. There's also a hip hop dance class called UJAM that I tried once and it was fun but dang am I not coordinated haha.
So that's all my variety of working out! I would say I do anything from 5-7 workouts I week. I try to have Sunday be either yoga/Body Flow or a more relaxed walk, but I love being so much more active now!!


Emily said...

That's a great variety! The pilates/yoga is really essential; I feel like a flexibility is so essential for our body as we age yet it's the most neglected. I have always struggled with variety is I *only* like running and yoga, but yesterday I purchased our first in-home spin bike. It's not a peloton, because I'm not a diehard spinner, but it does connect via bluetooth to peloton classes on the app. I'm hoping it will give me some more variety in my workouts (think: run 3 days, spin 1, yoga 1). We'll see!