Friday, January 29, 2021

All Things Kids

I had a random assortment of things to share about the kiddos, so I decided it would make a nice post together.

First off, Trent! This kid is 11.5 and rocking 6th grade. He's had some big changes this year.

1) He got braces! We have known for a LONG time he'd need them and have just been waiting for his baby teeth to finish falling out. Once we knew he was ready, we gave him the option of getting them now or waiting a little. He picked to do it now and get it over with, which I thought was really smart!

2) His school year has been his best year EVER {minus 2 fights and 1 suspension ha}. And he's had A LOT to deal with! In typical 2020 fashion, he's on his 3rd teacher and just finished a class-wide 14-day quarantine. He has moved easily from virtual to on-campus and has made us so proud with handling all the changes at school.

3) This one blows my mind. Trent now wears a bigger shoe size than me! He wears a size 5 in kids, which translates to an adult 7. I wear a 6! He's getting really close to 5' tall too - he's going to pass me up within a couple of years. I'm not ready!

Whose is whose? Ha!

Drew has had a lot of things going on that are super fun to share.

1) She celebrated her First Reconciliation a few weeks ago. This was her 2nd sacrament and is in preparation for her First Communion which will be in May. My mother-in-law is going to make her dress, and I am so excited to get started on it!

2) Next week Drew is starting piano lessons! She got a keyboard for Christmas, and we've been using a beginner book to start, but a lady in our neighborhood teaches, and she is so excited to start. Learning to read music is something I want all my kids to be able to do, but Trent is SUPER resistant ha.

3) After switching rooms over a year ago, we FINALLY finished Drew's room in the fall by painting 1 wall. We narrowed it down to a few colors in the spring, then Covid happened so we couldn't go buy any, and then she changed her mind! We finally got a consensus on a color {the same color in Trent's room ha}, and my mother-in-law came over one day and we slapped some paint on it!

Last, but certainly not least, Paige has had some big developments too!

1) She is 100% diaper free! After an accident in the fall set us back {only because she peed in our brand new bed ha}, we put her back in diapers for a while, but she was consistently waking up dry. We finally took the plunge again and haven't had any accidents, yay!

2) Not really a new development, but she continues to be the silliest child with a huge personality. {grin}

2) In the hopes to curb her nighttime wanderings into our room, we have Paige and Drew sleeping together, and it is the cutest thing ever.

So there's a little update on our brood. Making my heart happy every day!


Natasha said...

Oh, yay for Drew starting piano lessons and Paige being out of diapers!!! And Sam's feet were the same size as mine in the summer -- I haven't dared to check since then. Ack.

Emily said...

Aaron needs braces so badly; he's got woodchuck front teeth. We have a meeting with the ortho next month to discuss when we should do them. I had braces and they were terrible but I feel like braces these days have improved a lot? Trent may disagree with that lol