Sunday, May 21, 2017

Grow Baby Grow {Paige} - 5 Months

We are having a blast in our house with little miss Paige. She is such a ball of sunshine, and I could eat her up. The last month she has continued to grow up too quickly and has 100% lost all newborn-ness and is just amazing. She still is mostly an easy-going baby like Trent but has a little bit of sassiness like Drew. She is just the best!

Weight: ~15-15.5 pounds
Diapers: size 2 in disposables, all snaps down and 1 snap open across {I finally started with cloth!}
Clothing: 3-6 months
Nicknames: Paigey, Smooch, Sweet Pea, Love Bug

*Paige is sleeping in her crib now for bedtime and naps! We started this right after 4 months. Brent laid down the law that it was time, and I knew he was right. She is unswaddled, in a sleep sack, and sleeps on her stomach. She wakes typically twice a night to nurse. Some nights it's more or she'll have a 2 hour party, but luckily that is not too often.

*Her bedtime is typically between 7:00 - 7:30, sometimes a little earlier or later depending on her last nap.

*She is hit or miss for nap lengths. Sometimes it's 2+ hours and sometimes 30 minutes. Right now she nurses to sleep or gets rocked to sleep mostly. Since she can transition between sleep cycles, I'm content to keep this up. Depending on how long her naps are, she naps 2-3 times/day.

*Paige quit the pacifier on her own. She just all of the sudden acted like she didn't know what to do with it, so I stopped giving it to her and she didn't mind. In the last few days, she has started sucking her thumb. I LOVE it. Brent and I were both thumb suckers and I always hoped I'd get one. It is the cutest thing ever.

*She is very talkative. She blows A LOT of raspberries and makes a ga-ga sound. She laughs a lot. Drew was very stingy with smiles and laughs for a while, so I'm eating these up. She loves to be tickled, raspberries on her tummy are starting to be funny {she was very skeptical at first}, and she definitely loves Trent and sometimes loves Drew. Drew is a little too enthusiastic with her attention! 

*She's rolled front to back several times in her crib and has also done back to front once or twice. She's the latest of all my kids to roll.

*Paige LOVES to sit up. She's really close to being able to sit independently, and we practice on this a lot. I timed her today and she sat for a minute several times before tumping over. This is the youngest any of my kids could sit.

*She is definitely interested in food and watches us eat. Makes me feel bad to eat in front of her! I am so excited to try food next month with her! I love me some baby-led weaning.

*Paige loves to read. She is starting to enjoy her Jumperoo and is really good at grabbing things. She spends a lot of time in the Bumbo and I just give her spoons, spatulas, whisks, and she loves it. She is really getting into texture - she likes to touch different things and will rub her fingers over them a lot if they feel weird or make noise.

*She loves to be sung to. I can almost always get her to stop fussing if I sing 'You are My Sunshine'. It melts my heart when the big kids sing 'our' songs to her - Leaving on a Jetplane, Moonshadow...

*The bath is still not a fun activity, so 99% of the time Paige showers with Brent or me or I get in the bath with her. I had to bathe her in her little pink tub last week, and she was whining the whole time she was in there and by the end was screaming {the whole bath took less than 5 minutes}. Later, when I took the tub out so Trent could shower in there, she started whining again just looking at the pink tub. Ha!

*Paige is getting better in the car. I would say we're 75/25 with her liking it vs. crying. This is where singing really helps! She also likes the windows rolled down and sometimes the Rain app on my phone. She has also sucked her thumb here a few times.

*No teeth yet. Trent got his first one at 4.5 months and Drew got hers at 7 months. Lots of drool and gnawing on things.

*Nursing is going great. She eats typically every 2-3 hours, but a lot of times this is nursing her down to sleep. I'm curious to how our nursing will have to evolve when I go back to work.

Loves her feet!

When Drew was 5 months old I was returning to work the next day. So thankful I still have 2.5 weeks with her although I'm sad my leave is almost over. I know how lucky I am to work for a company that gives this much maternity leave, and I'm also so blessed to work from home - we're having a nanny again this summer, so it isn't breaking my heart to go back to work since I'll be home with the kiddos every day. I am just sad that I won't be the one doing everything with/for Paige. 


Kathryn Bagley said...

Cutest pic ever!

Unknown said...

Cutest smile yet!!! What a sweetheart! XOXO

Karen Peterson said...

I just adore that happy face!!