Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lying {A Story}

Brent every once in a while brings up this random story from high school where I supposedly lied/cheated on a quiz. He said something to Trent about lying this weekend and said {jokingly} 'Why don't you ask Mommy about lying?' And I knew EXACTLY what story he was referencing. Then, this morning, the teacher from that class passed away. And it got me thinking even more about that story.

And after SIXTEEN years of him swearing I was a cheater and SIXTEEN years of me saying I wasn't {and okay maybe if I was a little bit it was his fault}, I decided to bring this to a vote.

Allena and Brent circa 1998...doesn't she look so innocent?
And would NEVER cheat?

Brent and I began dating our junior year of high school. Our high school was pretty big and our class graduated 500 students {501 to be exact as I, Class President, have the list from planning our 10 year reunion a few years back}. Brent and I only ever had 1 class together in all of high school, and it was during our senior year after we'd been dating for almost a year. It was a Government/Economics class taught by Mr. Boucher {RIP}.

Mr. Boucher was a pretty unconventional teacher. We had lively debates and a pretty unstructured class schedule. There was 1 random table in the middle of the classroom, and it was at this table that Brent and I sat. And mostly passed my notebook back and forth {where I was supposed to be taking class notes} writing silly high school things to each other. {And I still have this notebook and can attest that yes, high schoolers are that dumb.}

Anyway, we were studying economics at one point and going over supply-and-demand. We had a quiz over it. {Which chart represents when the demand for peanut better is high but the supply is low} I'm rocking away at my quiz when I hear Brent mutter under his breath {Remember, we're at the same table} 'This can't be right.'

Well, if it were you, what would you have done when you heard that statement? You'd look at his quiz to see what he was talking about. And I notice his answers go A, B, C, D, E, F...etc. And I look back at my quiz...and notice mine don't go in that order. So I start looking at my questions again and realize I've got some mixed up, and Brent is indeed correct.

I change my answers and we both get a 100.

Brent has always said that my actions were cheating. I counter that he called my attention to his paper which made me question my own paper and change my answer. I also counter that I wasn't done yet and the further I got into the quiz, I would have realized I had some wrong.

For SIXTEEN YEARS he has harassed me about this quiz.

Now you be the judge. Would you say I cheated?


the blogivers said...

Eh, I don't know if cheating is the right word... regardless, definitely not something to harass you about until the end of time :)

Dee said...

Maybe just a little, but so did he by talking to you during a quiz.

On the other note, I was so saddened to hear about Mr. Boucher's passing. His economics class was truly one of my most enjoyable classes throughout high school and he was a very nice man. RIP.

Dee Stephens said...

Look how YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!

Kathryn Bagley said...

OMG this takes me back! ha! and umm Brent you shouldn't have said anything and therefore she never would have looked!!

Jenna said...

hahahahaha! you totally cheated but its totally his fault.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Nah, you didn't cheat. You realized (with a little unexpected help) that you made a couple of mistakes and then you fixed them yourself.

Anonymous said...

Spin it however you want, ladies. She cheated and all of you know it. You looked at my quiz, realized I'm smarter than you and changed your answers. You're welcome for the A you got in that class. - B