Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Easiest Recipe Ever?

I made this recipe and decided it might be the easiest meal ever. I need more recipes like this, and Brent and I would have home-cooked meals every night!

-1 onion
-1 container beef broth (a bigger size)
-1 pork tenderloin (although the packages at HEB come w/ 2 in them and I made both)
-Spices to season (I used salt, pepper and chili powder)

-Cut up onion and place in bottom of crockpot
-Season pork tenderloin then place in crockpot
-Cover with beef broth
-Cook on Low (My meat was defrosted so it took about 4 hours)
-Shred/Cut the meat when done

Now here's the super awesome part. You can make SO many meals with this.
The first day we put it on Hawaiian sandwich rolls w/ BBQ sauce (and maybe some candied jalepenos and pickles - no I'm not pregnant) and had sandwiches. The second day I made quesadillas. You could also make tacos and I'm sure a million other things. SO DANG GOOD!!!


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