Monday, October 26, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

Patty had a Halloween party for babies yesterday, and of course, Trent HAD to be there!! Trent was a jack 'o lantern (His Nana made the costume over 25 years ago - of course Trent HAD to wear it). He wouldn't take a nap over there, so he wasn't super happy to be in his costume, but he certainly looked PRECIOUS!

Miles and his Aunt
The Great Pumpkin and The Sock Monkey
This picture absolutely cracks me up. Miles looks stoned, David looks goofy, Trent is p*ssed...too funny! The Gurleys {poor sleepy pumpkin}


KristenW said...

TOO adorable. I cannot get over these precious babies!! What a cute little first Halloween for them both!

Kelly said...

How cute...Trent is precious!