Friday, June 5, 2009

Names...Oh My!

Brent and I continue to debate names for Baby Boy. It has turned into an almost daily argument. It's not that we're fighting about it - it's just that we can't agree on ANYTHING. I don't want our son to have a super popular and trendy name, that's my only criteria. Brent thinks this is a stupid requirement and continues to suggest the most popular and trendy names out there and then gets mad when I say it's too popular. We go round...and round...and round... I hope we can figure out a name for Baby Boy before he's born, but it's looking doubtful. Any help? Suggestions? Words of wisdom?


Anonymous said...

Allena, I found your blog through Hanna's blog. I'm so happy for you! Get ready for a whirlwind! My husband and I had decided on Elliott if we had a boy. You're welcome to use that. We've decided that Jillian will be it for us! Good luck making it through the last few weeks. I was on bedrest for a month due to my swelling and blood pressure. Not fun!

STACEY said...

John, Bodie liked John for a boy. You can have it though because Reagan is it for us. ;)