Friday, November 8, 2019

Five on Friday

The Biltmore

It's been a couple of years since we've had a Gurley gurls vacation.
Well my fabulous mother-in-law is taking my sister-in-law and me to The Biltmore!
She's been a few times and thinks it's really amazing.
But the icing on the cake is we are going while The Downton Abbey exhibit is there!

Wildflower Republic

I discovered a really cute local shop
I am getting a ton of Christmas presents here - 
they have wooden signs, clothes, organic bath products, jewelry...
And the shop is adorable too!

Elizabeth Holmes

I recently discovered this IG account and it is amazing.
Elizabeth is a journalist who created 'So Many Thoughts' - 
her fashion thoughts on Megan and Kate.
And just in case you wonder about her 'journalism' - 
she interviewed the main cast of Downton Abbey for Town & Country - 
so she's a legit journalist ha.

And her So Many Thoughts got her a book deal - I can't wait to check it out.

You Should've Asked

Trent and I see the same therapist, 
and we were talking yesterday about the mental load of motherhood.
She sent me this 'comic' and I felt so heard!
I think my mom friends will really appreciate this.

Plank Challenge

If you follow me on IG {@aggieallena}, you've seen lots of plank pics lately.
I'm in a challenge through Jazzercise for a gift basket from the owner.
You guys know I love a good challenge!

Planks & Prosecco ~ Can I be the STAR on your tree? ~ Parking lot puddle plank

P.S. - I think I'm going to get my 150 classes tank-top!


Emily said...

The “you should have asked” comic!!!!! I’ve seen a variant of that before and I RELATE SO MUCH!!!!!! It is one of those things I could talk about for hours with my friends. On one hand, as a ControlFreak & Clean Freak, I sometimes embrace my role because it guarantees the results I want. Also, given that adam works full time and I don’t, I mentally subdivide our responsibilities as “you make money, I run the house” (side note that I still ran the house as a working mom). All that said, sometimes I do snap from the frustration of it. About every few weeks, I’ll have a total blow up over Adam’s lack of initiative around the house, usually catching Adam totally off guard. Anyway, back to the comic, it’s the end that really gets me: how do we fix it? The comic gave some suggestions and guidelines but I just don’t practically see those being applied in our house. That said, raising 3 boys I am hell bent on keeping them more responsible for the house (I know for a fact that Adam’s mom did not); not that I ask them to do something but that they know it’s entirely up to them to own it. Anyway, WHEW that was a novel. Told you I could talk about this comic forever!

Kathryn Bagley said...

I will need a blog by itself of the downton abbey exhibit