Friday, January 12, 2018

Adventure Awaits

Trent started a new school this week! It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks since we made this decision, and I've been a nervous wreck, but we're also very excited.

Up until this week, we were so fortunate to have all 3 kids at the same school. We moved to CMS in April 2014 and have been so happy there. When we first started they took kids 15 months - 6th grade and I remember thinking 'Oh man, if I can ever convince Brent for another baby, where will that baby go?' The next fall, they opened their baby room, and the stars aligned, HA! It only took me 18 more months to convince Brent. {grin}

However, we knew this wasn't a long-term solution given tuition for 3 kids ain't cheap. A charter Montessori school has been in the works for our county for a couple of years, and I've had my eyes peeled for a long time. It opened this fall! Brent and I debated discussed for a long time when to move them and decided to let Trent finish his lower elementary cycle {1st - 3rd grades are in the same class}, and then we'd move Trent and Drew next year when Trent was beginning upper elementary and Drew was in Kindergarten. Paige would obviously stay at CMS for a few more years.

I was looking online right before Winter Break started for the kiddos at the application timing for the charter school, and their website noted openings in elementary but long waiting lists for Pre-K and Kinder. I started to get really worried that if we waited, we wouldn't get Trent and Drew in there next year, so we started talking about moving Trent now to guarantee Drew entry next year.


Were we really going to consider moving Trent mid-way through a school year when he was finally having an amazing year? 

I met with the Director of the school on a Tuesday, brought Trent up there the next day, and we got him enrolled that afternoon. Told you it was a whirlwind!

Trent got to meet his teacher just before the semester started and thought she seemed nice and loved her classroom. It's also a bonus that several kids from CMS are in his class, and his girlfriend {so stinking cute} is in the class across the hall.

He started Tuesday and has had a great week! Tuesday I cried several times just so nervous for him, and when I picked him up he said the day was 'amazing' and he talked the whole way home about making friends and what he did. His teacher has also told me the same thing each day - that he is doing great.

I know this is the honeymoon phase, but I'm so happy he's had a smooth {so far} transition. It's added a little to our day with 2 drop-offs and pick-ups, but the new school is on the way to CMS, so it isn't too much longer. Drew doesn't seem to mind that her bubba isn't there anymore, and she likes the stories he tells her about where she'll be when she's in Kinder next year. [Hold me, how is that possible?]

So that's the latest update for the Gurley clan - if things go the way we have planned, Trent will be here for 5 years, Drew 9 years, and Paige 11 years! I'll be an old lady by the time we finish there, ha!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! So glad it went well! - AP

Emily said...

Congrats on the new school! Dumb question, because it’s chartered does that mean you don’t have to pay?