Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 2017

Whew. We had a great Christmas! Grab a cup of hot chocolate and settle down because these pics are going to take some time to get through. {grin} This year it was nice to get back to our 'normal' Christmas after we took last year off with a 4-day-old baby. I definitely like life WITHOUT a newborn!

We started our holidays with a slumber party at Babs and Pops' house. They kept all the grandkids except Paige for the first time! Such an awesome treat for the kids who had a BLAST and for my sister and me. Patty and David actually had a date! 

The Swope Six!

Paige doesn't yet realize what she missed out on, but she'll have plenty of Swope Slumber Parties as she grows!

Oh Christmas Eve, we went to Brent's Nannie's house and enjoyed yummy food, great cousin time, and a few presents.

Nannie with my trio

It's present time!

Paige just wanted to pick up the boxes.
I also love in this pic that you can see how Drew is ALWAYS touching Paige.

 She has learned to climb and loves sitting on whatever she can climb on.

Papa and Paige

Starting 'em young...just kidding!

Drew telling Brent's Uncle Keith {you can see his reflection in the window} that she is a Longhorn and an Aggie. My girl has such a sweet heart.

Christmas morning started REALLY early for Paige and me. She is cutting her molars and we hung out 3 times in the middle of the night, so after she finally fell back asleep at 7:30 from our 3rd adventure, I let her sleep until 9:15. The big 2 woke up a little after 7:00, so we let them open their presents from us. Santa brought Trent a Nintendo 3DS, Drew a build-a-bear bunny kit {she asked Santa for a real rabbit, and he wrote her a letter saying all the baby bunnies weren't ready to leave their moms and dads}, and Paige got a cozy coupe.

Trent was SO EXCITED about his 3DS

Drew with her Santa gift

Opening the rest of their presents...

We built her bunny right away, and she loved it! Her name is Pink.

After I woke Paige up, we nursed really quickly and then headed to my parents. My sister and her family spend Christmas Eve night at my parents', so they were already there.

Paige with one of her new books - that girl loves books!


Paige was more interested in Babs' phone than presents

Making phallic jokes with my brother-in-law using a present of Paige's - 
yes, I know that is extremely juvenile - if you know my makes sense!

Yes, I also give my mom beer for Christmas

My brother-in-law

Babs got the girls this shirt - we all loved it!
Her grandma name comes from the Czech word for Grandma - Babicka

Bad quality but Trent got a new Kindle because his other screen is destroyed.
He was so excited and said 'Electronics forever!' That kid!! 
Although the gift that caused him to get up and hug someone was the bag of a million Pokemon figures my sister got him. We all couldn't believe that - Trent is not a very demonstrative kid {except with his Nana}.

We only stayed a couple hours at my parents because Paige needed a nap - hopefully next year we can spend a little longer because the big 2 were really sad to leave their cousins.

Normally we would have our Christmas afternoon/evening at Brent's parents' house, but they have been in a 1-bedroom apartment since April, so we hosted this year. They move Friday into their gorgeous new house that is 6 minutes from us!

The Gurley grands - 
first time we've had Brent's nephew, Branden, with us in 6 years! 

Our crew

Paige was so funny - she kept trying to sit on this one tiny present.

And climbing on Bubba's science experiments - that girl!

And that ends Christmas for us! It wasn't Paige's first Christmas, but it certainly felt more like it than last year - it was amazing watching my 3 babies enjoy Christmas so much, and I can't wait to see it for years to come.

And just for giggles...4 day old Paige last year! What a difference, huh??