Monday, March 20, 2017

Paige's Nursery

I finally finished Paige's nursery a few weeks ago, and after our cleaning lady came this past week, I thought it was high time I took some pictures and showed it off. I think it turned out fantastic if I do say so myself! {grin}

Since we didn't find out ahead of time what we were having, I was going for a relatively gender neutral room and knew I could add some masculine or feminine touches as needed. Originally I found a picture on Pinterest of a turquoise, gray, and yellow striped wall that I loved but had trouble nailing down the person who could paint it, so I decided to do a turquoise wall instead. Then I added gold stars to trickle down onto the crib. The crib was my sister's that all 3 of her kids used.

The focal wall {I added the pom-poms after Paige got here}

When you first walk in this is the wall to your left. Love the vinyl sticker of her name!
The little book shelf and rocker go all the way back to Trent.
And that door leads into the bathroom.

Above the dresser/changing table are what I am most in love with - 
These signs {made by my sister} are mostly songs I have sung to all my kids.
A lot are songs my mom sang to my sister and me.
Moonshadow by Cat Stephens
Leaving on a Jet Plane by Peter, Paul, and Mary
If You're Happy and You Know It
Baby Mine {from Dumbo}

This 'G' is also from Trent's nursery and a friend made it. 
I just repainted the G in the same color as the wall.

Paige's closet

Another view of her name

And there you have it! I love how it turned out...and maybe soon she'll actually be sleeping in here?!?!


Shannon Sentences said...

I love what you did in here, especially the turquoise wall and the stars - so pretty and unique! What a sweet room for that sweet baby! I hope for your sake that she's sleeping in there soon too!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Turned out so cute!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! -AP

Karen Peterson said...

It looks like a great room for a happy little girl!