Friday, November 4, 2016

November 2016 Goals

I can't believe it's November. I am having a baby NEXT month. Holy cow. I'm really excited about the holidays and adding Smoochie to our family!

How did I do on my October goals?

1. Work on Nursery - I made a lot of progress! Wall is painted, some decor ordered, crib almost finished {dang screws we can't find}. 
2. Baby Clothes - There is some stuff I swear I have but can't find, dang it, but I went through every tub we have and got out all the newborn clothes and washed them. I need to probably get a few more gender neutral things and Smoochie's coming home outfit {but unlike with Drew I know what I want and just want it to go on sale}.
3. Make 4 Meals/Week - Nope. I learned we don't really need 4 meals/week, and since Brent and I are working on our budget, this is helpful! 
4. Do Something 'Fall' as a Family  - We went to the Fall Festival at our school, yay!
5. Follow Budget - Well, let's just say I learned a lot this month on our budget not being super realistic, eek. So now Brent and I are making adjustments!

And here's what's on the list for November {shocker it's a lot related to baby prep}:

1. Finish the Nursery - Given I said a baby is coming next month, I'd like to get this finished! Now if some of the wall stuff doesn't happen, no biggie, and honestly the baby won't sleep in there for a while anyway, but it'll feel good to be done. The one big thing I don't have is a changing table. My mom is searching garage sales for a dresser that I can paint, but if she doesn't find one, I'll just buy something from Target and move on!

2. Last of the Baby Prep - I got a bunch of stuff from friends recently {I have the best friends} and ordered a new pump, so it's down to just a few things - we need a new monitor and new bottles {our old ones had been through both kids and had been in storage or the garage for a couple of years so it just seemed like new ones were needed}...not a ton but some stuff. I also need to get a few more gender neutral clothes!

3. Individual Dates - I'd like to spend some 1-on-1 time with each kid AND Brent. I know it's going to be a big adjustment when Smoochie gets here, but I also know we'll find our new normal, so I just want to make sure the kids feel special and I get to spend some time with my Baby Daddy before my focus shifts for a while.

4. Freezer Meals - I've blogged before about wanting to have some meals in the freezer with this baby - something I've never done before. Well, to get those in the freezer, I need to make them! I need to make a few each weekend over this month so we are prepared!

5. Christmas Presents - I've started my list and would really like to be done with Christmas shopping this month so that it's one less thing to worry about in December. Any progress I make though will be better than me usually finishing up about December 22!


Kathryn Bagley said...

How is it November?! Not sure if your a trolls fan but a lot of my friends took their kids to see that..possible date idea!