Monday, November 7, 2016

Life Lately

What do you say to starting our Monday off with an iPhone photo dump of everything that's been going on lately? 

I forgot to post pics of a cooking making class the kids went to with my mother-in-law a few weeks ago. The made Halloween cookies that were DELICIOUS!

Baking cookies {and going toy shopping at Target} is hard work!

Trent's 'Heroes in History' program was right before Halloween.
He was Paul Revere!

We went to a birthday party for our neighbors'  {and close friends} daughter.
She turned 2 so it was lots of little kids - love this 'man time' of my boys!

Drew and the birthday girl's big sister.

We spent the rest of the day at their house {minus me going home and taking a 2-hour nap}.
Trent with the birthday girl, Sienna. I think he's ready for being a big brother again!

When the pregnant mama wants dessert, we get dessert!

The kids have been sleeping in Smoochie's room. {They are weird.}
Brent and I cracked up at how Drew fell asleep one night.

I got to visit my sweet friend's new baby, Tanner.
Smoochie and Tanner got really cozy together. {grin}

 A park adventure with the cousins! 

I already made some progress on my November goals!
The elementary classes were invited to a STEAM event at school,
so Trent and I had a date before the event - I had to sneak a pic because he wouldn't smile.

Science experiments are always better with fire involved.

Brent went to Dallas for a quick 24-hour guy's trip. We traded pictures of our day.

Just the usual - Drew asleep in the car and Trent refusing to look up.

Not the usual - ha! Who looks like they had a better day?

Today I adjusted our family calendar. And holy sh*t - Smoochie's due date fits!

Naptime with the 2 littles - love this!

This weekend, I made some progress on the nursery {not much but some}, got ingredients for the first set of freezer meals {made 2 this weekend with 4 more to make this week}, went to church 3 times to give a presentation, went to the grocery store twice...totally the norm for being 35 weeks pregnant, right? I'm looking forward to next week - our annual book club gift exchange {moved up due to 2 due dates} and I'm going to 2 baby showers!

And that's our life lately!


Anonymous said...

Love Drew in the tutu in the creek! I need to know where this cooking class was...looked like fun. - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

This next month is going to fly by :))