Friday, November 25, 2016

Baby Smoochie - 38 Weeks!

I can't believe I'm 38 weeks! I totally could go into labor at any minute. Knowing my history, I'm sure I have a little ways still to go, but it's crazy that I am here. I haven't been to the doctor in 2 weeks and don't go until Monday, so nothing 'official' to update. I did find out last week I passed the Group B Strep test which was a relief since I didn't make it to the hospital in time with Drew to get antibiotics and we had to stay an extra day. So yay for small victories! 

How far along: 38 weeks

Size of baby: 7 pounds, 20 inches {I'm sure this one is bigger!}

Selfies in my parents' bathroom!

Gender: I had 3 unsolicited predictions on Sunday from strangers. 2 ladies in the grocery store said Smoochie was a boy, and the lady who gave me a pedicure said girl. I can guarantee it is 1 of those 2!

Maternity clothes: Running out of options - so much is too short and pants are super uncomfortable. Lots of leggings! It is super fun to outgrow maternity clothes, let me tell you!

Movement: Still lots! I know the baby is running out of room, but this one still manages to have several dance parties every day and make mommy happy! A lot of the movement is getting painful and can increase my urge to pee which just shows baby is running out of room, ha!

I feel like it looks smaller from this side? Ha.

Sleep: Mostly good but I have had some trouble with restless leg and insomnia which is super annoying. I either sack out immediately or don't fall asleep for hours. And getting up typically 2 times a night to pee.

Symptoms: Still just a little of everything - I have been having some contractions though which is really exciting. I never really had them with Trent or Drew, so this is definitely a fun development.

Had to put on a pair of my mom's pajama bottoms. They look so good, right?

Cravings: I am not hungry all that much given the baby is taking up ALLLL the room so eating a lot of small meals. I've decided I'm going to eat what I want at this point - but try to eat less of it!

What I miss: At this point, it's bitter sweet that I am almost done, so even though I'm uncomfortable, I am trying to soak it all in since this baby is THE LAST ONE!

Best moment of the week: I have been killing it on getting everything ready. Ordered a dresser {should come today}, monitor, new swaddles, new humidifier, post-partum vitamins, placenta, etc. Have 10 meals in the freezer. My sister is making a bunch of stuff for 1 wall, so we went to Hobby Lobby and got everything {who knows when she'll finish though, ha}. I'd like 1 more week {but knowing my babies it could be 3 more!} to really feel ready, but I'm just about there!

Worst moment of the week: INSOMNIA! RESTLESS LEG!

Other random stuff: I am also killing it getting ready for Christmas. Nothing like the thought of trying to buy presents, wrap, etc. while sleep deprived and recovering from delivery to spur you to get sh*t done. I am probably 90% done with buying gifts and have wrapped everything I've already bought. We also got a new tree {IT IS 9' TALL Y'ALL - I LOOOOOVE IT!}, and we're fully decorated.

Belly button watch: Outie!


Karen said...

You look so adorable! But I can't wait to "meet" Smoochie!

Emily said...

I hear ya on outgrowing clothes. Both pregnancies I started off in size small maternity and then grew to a medium by the third trimester. And then by the 9th month I just wanted to burn all my maternity clothes regardless of the size. You are so close!!!!

the blogivers said...

Eeek, you are almost there! I really can't believe it!

Kathryn Bagley said...

The suspense is killing me..i need to know!!!